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The Sensation associated with nasal acupuncture

I certainly remember the very first experience of inserting a needle into the thickest part of the membrane in the nasal cavity through a nasal speculum, watching myself on a mirror. It was eye-watering. It had nothing to do with my emotion. Tearing in the eye only happens on the side where acupuncture was applied. Poking the membranes covering the septum can be excruciating. Deeper in the nasal cavity, however, the pain is not so intense. By communicating with patients during procedures, the origin and the degree of pain can be comprehended by the practitioner, and eventually the level of pain can be managed.

During the first visit, I target the areas where less susceptible to pain to apply acupuncture. It is not just the practitioner, but the patients also gain their confidence as they get used to it in just a few visits. The instant results patients feel assure them to bear the moments of pain. Even children at primary school age could handle it. In the beginning, "easy patients", who could be easily treated in just a few procedures were the majority. However, influxes of so called, "hard patients" required various procedures. As the patients grew in variety, I can now brandish a 12 cm long needle to reach anywhere in the nasal cavity to treat assorted nasal disorders. Those who have suffered the most, experienced the most benefit. They often responded, "Wow, it is refreshing," as they were receiving the treatment. The congestion they suffered vanished instantly, as pricking was being done. I could say that even the most severe cases of rhinitis, the nasal congestion gets resolved within 10 to 20 visits.

Moreover, combined use of the suction therapy to restore the spaces in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, rhinitis, and sinusitis become easily treatable symptoms. Unless the nasal mucosa has been swollen up for an extensive period to lost much of its elasticity to make it difficult to regain its shape by pricking therapy, in most cases, prognosis is very positive.

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