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Time Acupuncture? The Power of Universe

The best treatment for a patient is not only the application of the correct acupuncture points according to his condition, but also the choice of the open acupuncture points at the actual treatment time.

The historical roots for such a time based acupuncture are found in the Jin- and Yuan-Time somewhere within the twelfth and thirteenth century. The terms Zi Wu and Liu Zhu even refer back to the classical books of Huang Di Nei Jing (around 200 BC). The Zi Wu Liu Zhu Zhen Fa method was first published by He Re Yu in 1153 AD. Dou Hanqing in his work, “Biao You Fu” also describes this form of time acupuncture together with the Ling Gui Ba Fa later in 1234 AD, and later in the “Zhen Jing Zhi Nan” in 1241 AD. Time in eastern perspective is seen as the interplay of universal cosmic rhythms. The energetic aspects of these cosmic rhythms are defined by the TCM concepts of Yin and Yang as well as by the five elements. As acupuncturists and TCM-doctors we know these concepts very well. We apply them daily in our acupuncture clinic. Thus, it seems obvious that it is possible to combine the energetics of time and acupuncture. This is exactly what the classical methods of Huang Di Nei Jing is all about. Through clearly defined rules we are able to coordinate the energetic cycles of the Qi flow in the microcosm of an organism with the Qi flow in the macrocosm represented by the cosmic rhythms of time. Seen from this aspect we may harness the power of the universe by the integration of the dimension of time into our acupuncture strategies.

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