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Defining Complete Recovery from Rhinitis and Sinusitis

Quoting from a book published by the Harvard medical school, "Healing your sinuses" might accurately depict the reality of sinusitis surgery.

"It is important to have realistic expectations of what the procedure is likely to accomplish. Bear in mind that for most patients, sinus surgery does not provide a complete cure. Some sinus infections will still occur, but the frequency and severity of infections will be reduced. If you have had five or six sinus infections each year, surgery often can reduce the number to two or three.

Not every cold will turn into another case of sinusitis. And if the procedure is successful, infections that do occur will be of shorter duration; a briefer course of antibiotics will control your symptoms.

You should also be aware that surgery will not eliminate the underlying cause of your sinus problems. If you have allergies, surgery does not cure them, so symptoms such as itchy eyes, sneezing, and thin postnasal drip are likely to remain, along with the need for allergy medications. And while surgeons can remove polyps, they can’t eliminate the problem that causes them to grow. So individuals with large polyps are likely to need additional surgery when polyps regrow." ("Healing Your Sinuses" Ralph B. Metson/McGraw-Hill/2005/pg126)

There may be many cases, surgeries that yielded satisfying results by clearing the symptoms. However, patients who came to the clinic have walked the same path over and over after surgery. Satisfactory treatment does not prevent the common cold, consequently recurrence is not unusual. Acupuncture therapy and suction treatment, which are proven with innovative theory and clinical experience, can raise the hope for the cure as it has been disclosed why rhinitis and sinusitis cannot be treated effectively with a course of antibiotics. Scattered pricking in the mucosa is a way to improve the immune system and the suction therapy is more conservative, detailed and safer than invasive surgery in removing purulent mucus in the cavities. This innovative therapy ensures the decrease in the frequency and severity of the common cold and brings improvement in broader areas than other conventional therapy.

Therefore, the paradigm of sinus cure needs to be redefined.

Would having diagnosed with clear nasal passages equivalent to "free from sinus infection?" There is constellation of amazing functions carried out by the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses, but merely resolving nasal congestion would be sufficient enough to determine perfect cure over sinusitis?

Rhinitis and sinusitis are perhaps the most troublesome conditions that undermine quality of life. I sincerely believe the treatment for rhinitis and sinus infection must be carried on until all the functions of the cavities are restored. Accordingly, even if radiology opinion yields no presence of infections or pus, if there is no ventilation of air taking place inside the nasal cavity, the paranasal sinuses are as good as dead. Therefore, reviving the functions of the paranasal sinuses is the key in subduing rhinitis and sinusitis.

Frequent reddening of the eyes, increase in eye discharge, excessive shedding of tears and frequent eye tiredness could mean the paranasal sinuses do not have sufficient air ventilation. Recurring headaches, pain in the back of the neck, sore shoulder muscles, and frequent yawning are the indications of blocked paranasal sinuses. Having fever without known cause and thinning and loss of hair are also the signs sending from the sinuses. Obstinate ear infection, hard of hearing, vertigo, and tinnitus caused by ear disorders require a comprehensive medical examination that encompasses through sinuses observation. If sound sleeping is hindered and woke up without being replenished, pay attention to the paranasal sinuses. Nail biting, bed-wetting, frequent nosebleeds and nasal voice might mark the presence of sinus condition. The root cause of stubborn colds in children may be found in their sinuses.

Please note that people with snoring or sleep apnea syndrome should neither neglect nor opt to have a surgery. This must be considered as a signal sent by the cerebrum to look after the sinuses. Freeing patients from all the symptoms is the finishing point of sinus treatment.

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