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Sinusitis - Integrative Approaches

Acupuncture Sinusitis


Acupuncture has ideally become one of the most preferred complimentary therapies that relieve the symptoms of sinusitis. An ancient practice and healing technique developed by Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners in China, acupuncture is a procedure that employs fine and thin needles on some parts of the skin, depending on the condition to be treated, to restore a person from symptoms of diseases, injury and illnesses.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the principle of energy channels, called meridians, running all over the body and nourishing tissues with vital energy or life energy. When these meridians are blocked, the flow of energy will be obstructed, which in turn, will prevent the tissues from getting nourished thoroughly. This may lead to a poor state of physical, mental and emotional health. Sinusitis is a frequently occurring complication that causes nasal congestion and headache, followed by other allergic symptoms. Inflammation of the inner mucous membrane located in the sinus cavities, which is responsible for this complication. Sometimes, opening up the pathways adjacent to the sinuses helps in improving the symptoms of sinus headache, pain and pressure. Acupuncture points for sinusitis can also help in restoring good health with fewer complications.

Multifaceted TCM Approaches

How Does Acupuncture Sinusitis’s Treatment Works?


Sinuses are nothing, but pockets located in our cheekbones, forehead and between the eyes. Small channels connecting the sinuses to nasal passages allow proper drainage of mucus into the nose from sinuses, thus allowing smooth and free flow of air into the sinuses from the nose. Common problems associated with sinusitis include bacterial infections, common cold and allergies.


Acupuncture for sinusitis operates under the classic theory that life energy, known as Qi in the acupuncture community, must be uninterrupted throughout our body at all times. This source of life energy or Qi, together with blood and body fluids, regulate our body make up and functions. The overall health and circulation of body fluids as well as blood depends on the smooth and channelized flow of the source of life energy. If there is any problem or interruption, the natural flow will be blocked, which would lead to certain ailments.


Acupuncture points for sinusitis operate by inserting tiny, fine needles into specific points on the skin along the pathways to stimulate the body to heal inside out. In today’s time, the effectiveness of acupuncture has been clearly explained. In fact, it is the only comprehensive healing technique that releases biochemical like hormones and neurotransmitters by inserting needles into different pressure points. When biochemical are released in the body, it stimulates the central nervous system, regulates overall bodily functions, strengthens the immune system and eases pain.


According to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, sinus problems are often caused due to several factors, such as dampness and lung heat. Whenever you consult an acupuncturist, he/she will diagnose the cause of your problem at its root and stimulate proper acu-points with respect to the underlying cause of the sinus.


Acupuncturists often identify different patterns of disharmony for different patients. We always consider each patient based on the condition, symptoms and physical health. With all these factors noted, it helps us to plan the entire course of treatment for respective patients.

Treatment Integration

The Benefits of Acupuncture Sinusitis

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence from acupuncture patients as well as practitioners suggesting the fact that acupuncture can reduce sinus problems significantly. In fact, some also believe that it can cure sinusitis completely. There is adequate research to back up this fact. Acupuncture for sinusitis relieves the frontal sinuses to clear up the major pathways. It also opens the maxillary sinuses located in the cheeks and enables stress relief too. Over time, when the treatment is carried out in sessions, we believe that it can heal the cause of sinus and cure completely.

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