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Obama may not be able to quit smoking! BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA

Barak Obama ( Male / 50 )

August 4th 1961. 19:24 W 157°

時 日 月 年

戊 丙 乙 辛

戌 午 未 丑

戊 丁 己 己

89 79 69 59 49 39 29 19 9

丙 丁 戊 己 庚 辛 壬 癸 甲

戌 亥 子 丑 寅 卯 辰 巳 午

Spacetime Confirmation on President Obama

Facial Appearance He has a wide forehead because his "being" represents fire 火 within his constitutional elements, that is why ▽ structure is apparent in his appearance.

Food Preference His taste will follow the element of his constitution, which is 火. One of the main type of food in this category is alcohol. In his recent medical checkup, the doctor recommended "moderation of alcohol intake", which shows he enjoys consuming fair amount of alcohol. Another component in this category includes cigarettes. I can understand as to why he is having a such a hard time kicking the habit, because it works in favor of his constitution.

Personality In Barak Obama's chart, the relationship between his identity(火/화/Fire), and the universe that surrounds him(土/토/Earth) is a "generating" one. Like fire(火/화) generating earth(土/토), his personality shines when he is giving his speech, his ability to express his thoughts into words in a powerful and elegant manner, thus generating to the public his ideas and his dreams. Health Condition He is likely to have suffered from headaches while he was in his 20's to his 40's. Overall he appears healthy in his chart, like his doctor said. However, like everyone, not exempting the President of the United States, we are born with a depleted organ in our system. As for Barack Obama it is his liver, meaning the disease arising from this organ will eventually be the deteriorating factor in his health at the end of his life. Source: "Barack Obama should drink less alcohol and try harder to kick his smoking habit, doctors say" - U.K Daily Mail, Mar 2 2010

蒙 亨 匪我求童蒙 童蒙求我 初筮告再三瀆 瀆則不告


六三 勿用取女 見金夫 不有躬 无攸利

象曰 勿用取女 行不順也

Meng Hexagram 4

One uses maturing to nurture self development by integrating the principles of the heaven into one. One may not be fortunate in taking wife.

癸巳 Big Flow-19 yrs

初六 發蒙 利用刑人 用說桎梏以往吝

Line 1

"Six at the bottom line, it is appropriate to set a good excample in enlightment of an ignorant child, because it can keep him from comitting crimes and suffering in cangue. If the child is eager to advance without concentration on his education, surely he will have disappointments"

Image: “It is appropriate to set a good example in education,” it means at the beginning of enlightment, correct rules and regulations are needed for the child to grow.

21 yrs - 1982 -Father died in car accident (in Kenya)

24 yrs - 1985 - Began the "community organizer" in Chicago. (3 years)

28 yrs- 1988 -Encounter with Newton Minnow; bridge to meeting important people

壬辰 Big Flow-29 yrs

上九 擊蒙 不利爲寇 利禦寇

Line 6

Nine at the top line, he beats the child in enlightment. It is inappropriate to adopt the violent in enlightment but preferable to adopt the proper ways resistance against enemy.

Image: “It is preferable to adopt the proper ways in resistance against the strong enemy,” it means the teacher and the pupil can coordinate with each other smoothly.

29 yrs- 1989 Jun -Encounter with Michelle

30 yrs- 1990 - Feb.-Begin dating Michelle

Feb. Elected the first African-American editor of the Harvard Law Review

In line 1, hexagram 16,

"A person in an inferior position is boastful about their upbringing and family status."

32 yrs - 1992 Oct. 3 -Marriage

34 yrs - 1994 - Death of mother

35 yrs - 1995 - Published "Dreams from My Father"

36 yrs - 1996 - Elected as Illinois State Senate

辛卯 Big Flow-39 yrs

六五 童蒙吉

Line 5

Six at the fifth line, the ignorant child receives enlightment from his teacher, there is good fortune.

Image: “the ignorant child receives enlightment from his teacher, there is good fortune,” because he is obedient and submissive to his teacher.

40 yrs - 2000 - Lost to Bobby Rush for U. S. House of Representatives seat.

41 yrs - 2001 May -Began preparing for 2004 US Senate election.

42 yrs - 2002 Oct. - Spoke against a resolution authorizing the use of force against Iraq during a rally at Chicago's Federal Plaza.

43 yrs. - 2003 Jan - Announced his candidacy to run for US Senate.

44 yrs - 2004 Mar - In the Democratic primary, he won 52 percent of the vote, defeating multimillionaire businessman Blair Hull and Illinois Comptroller Daniel Hynes.

44 yrs - 2004 Nov - Obama received 70 percent of the vote to Keyes' 27 percent, the largest electoral victory in Illinois history.

45 yrs - 2005 Jan.4 - Sworn into office

46 yrs - 2006 Oct. - The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream, hit No. 1 on both the New York Times and bestsellers lists

47 yrs - 2007 Feb. - Obama made headlines when he announced his candidacy for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination

48 yrs - 2008 Jun. 3 - Obama became the presumptive nominee for the Democratic party, beating Hilary Clinton

Location: Xcel Center in St. Paul,Minnesota 2008 Jun. 3 9:12 pm

In line 4, hexagram 18,

Six at the fifth line, he solves the troubles his father left and wins honor.

Image: “He solves the troubles his father left and wins honor.

Image;”He solvesthe troules his father left and wins honow.” It means he succeeds to his father’s cause with his virtue.

48 yrs- 2008 Nov. 4th -Barack Obama defeated Republican presidential nominee John McCain for the position of U.S. President, 52.9 percent to 45.7 percent

49 yrs- 2009 Jan. 20 - Obama became the 44th president of the United States

2009 - Awarded Nobel Peace Prize by the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

庚寅 Big Flow-49 yrs

六四 困蒙吝

Line 4

Six at the fourth line, he is in ignorant situation and feels disappointed about it.

Image: “He is an ignorant situation and feels disappointed about it, ” it means he alone leaves his sincere teacher, the firm yang at the second

49 yrs- 2009 Feb.17 -Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a $787 billion economic stimulus package

49 yrs- 2009 Jun 4 - Obama delivered a speech at Cairo University in Egypt calling for "a new beginning" in relations between the Islamic world and the United States and promoting Middle East peace.

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