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Grand Unification

Now is the science era. The leading field of science is physics. Science and Eastern Science, although it may seem irrelevant from each other, in fact that is not the case. Physics and Eastern Science both explain of the universe, and east and west certainly do not have separate universe. We live under one universe. The only difference is in the methodology. The book on law of physics included in the ancient Eastern Science text proves well of this fact.

In reality western scientists are dedicated to understanding the eastern science, and applied it to even winning the Nobel Prize.(Neils Bohr).

Our site is where we study the principles of the universal change. By studying the universe, we wish to provide the source to the application of Western Science, and also provide the application of Eastern Science; the standard in the methodology. This is also breaking the barrier of science. Most certainly it needs practical evidence, but having the latter aspect in application will be an advantage.

By posting both Science, and Eastern Science, although it may be invisible to many, someone will see the identical connection between the two, and furthermore someone can use it to application to make this earth a better place. Someday…

I wish to plant this seed.

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