Kim Dae Jung with his lament for his "sunshine policy" of reconciliation

March 27, 2018


Dae-Jung Kim Nobel Peace Prize recipient
1/8/1924 Born in Chun-nam, Shinan
8/18/2009 13:42 At 84 years of age died due to heart failure caused by internal organ dysfunctions while being treated for pneumonia (lung) in Shinchon Severance Hospital




時 日 月 年
乙 庚 乙 癸
酉 辰 丑 亥
庚 乙 癸 戊
水 37 家人
80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0
丙 丁 戊 己 庚 辛 壬 癸 甲
辰 巳 午 未 申 酉 戌 亥 子


The Jiaren hexagram symbolizes family. It is appropriate for women to persevere in the right way.
Exposition: the Jiaren hexagram symbolizes family. It requires that the wife has a proper position in the family, the husband a proper position outside the family. The husband and wife all have their proper places and this is the great principle of heaven and earth. A family should have its strict and just authority,
that is, the parent. Father does the father's duty, son the son's, elder than brother his own, younger brother his own. The husband does his duty and the wife hers, thus the family lives in the right way. If families live in the right way, people all over the land then can live in peace.


Ever since the military coup in 5.16.1961, for 30 years as the opposition leader of the democratic party, he had to survive through kidnapping, torture, death sentence, imprisonment(6 years), exile(10 years), house arrests imposed by the authoritarian government. However, he continued his courageous battle for democracy and his charisma was widely recognized to the public, and gained the rest of the world's respect as Korea's humanitarian activist. He was given nicknames such as "honeybuckle", "Korea's Nelson Mandela", and after failing four attempts in presidential election, he was finally elected as president in 1997. Since then, he pursued his long objective of negotiating peace with North Korea; "Sunshine policy", and received further recognition. He was awarded the nobel peace(2000) prize for his fight for democracy and human rights in Korea and East Asia, and his distinguished effort in negotiating peace with North Korea.



壬戌 big flow - 20 yrs
Nine at top line, he is sincere and manages his family with strict rules. There is good fortune in the end.
Image: He manages his family with strict rules and there is good fortune. It means the nine at the top should at first be strictly self-disciplined. 


21 yrs. 1944/March; Graduated Mok-Po commerical school (5 yrs)
22 yrs. 1945/November; After independence from Japanese occupation, he worked as the supervisor for Mok-Po commerical ships, and went on to become appointed as chief.
1945. Particpated in the Chosun democratic party.
1945. Married with Yongae Cha, and gave birth to two boys.
25 yrs. 1948/October; CEO of Mok-Po Times until 1950/October.



辛酉 big flow - 30 yrs
Nine at the fifth line, the king influences people with his virtue and ensures safety of his family. he need not worry about it, there is good fortune.
Image:"The king influences people with his virtue and ensures safety of his family," it means at this time people love each other and live in harmony.

31 yrs. 1954; Lost election in Mok-Po, running as independent.

34 yrs. 1957; July; Baptized as catholic/vice president as godfather.
36 yrs. 1959; Lost in bi-election. Seperated with wife Yongae Cha.
37 yrs. 1961; May; Elected as House of Representative in the 5th bi-election.
38 yrs. 1962; May; Married Heeho Lee/gave birth to one son.
39 yrs. 1963; November; Elected as member of congress in Mok-Po.


庚申 big flow 40 yrs
Six at the fourth line,she can make the family rich and there is great fortune.
Image:"She can make the family rich and there is great fortune." It is because the six at the fourth is obedient to the firm yang in the powerful position.



43 yrs. 1967; June; Elected as member of congress.
46 yrs. 1970; September; Nominated as presidential candidate along side Yongsam Kim, and Chulseung Lee.
48 yrs. 1971; April; Defeated in presidential election by presidential nominee, Junghee Park.[45萃 六二 引吉无咎 孚乃利用禴 象曰 引吉无咎 中未變也] [In line 2, The Cui hexagram 45, he is led to congregate and can receive good fortune. There is no harm. If he is sincere, it is appropriate to present simple offerings at the sacrificial ceremony.

Image: " He is led to congregate and can receive good fortune. There is no harm." He has not changed his will to persevere in the just and right way.]
49 yrs. 1972; October; President Park's martial law imposed/took refuge in Japan.


己未 big flow 50 yrs
Nine at the third line, all the family members complain about the strict rules. There are regrets and dangers, but they can receive good fortune. If the wife and children make merry all day long, they will have disappointments in the end.
Image: "All the family members complain about the strict rules." It means at this time the family members dare not indulge themselves. "The wife and children make merry all day long,"obviously they have violated family rules.

50 yrs. 1973; August 8th; [21火雷噬嗑 初九 屨校滅趾 无咎 象曰 屨校滅趾 不行也] [21 The Shihe Haxagram, Nine at the bottom line,his feet are in stocks and his toes are lost. There is no serious harm. Image: "His feet are in stocks and his toes are lost." It means one will not repeat his crime after his punishiment.]
57 yrs. 1980; May; Kwangju democratization movement/Arrested for instigating the movement.
1980; September; Sentenced to death by military court.(later changed to sentence for life imprisonment)
59 yrs. 1982; Suspension from prison term/exile to the United States.


戊午 big flow 60 yrs
Six at the second line, she accomplishes nothing but prepares meals for the family. She perseveres in the right way and there is good fortune.
Image: The six at the second receives the good fortune because she is obedient and submissive.

64 yrs. 1987; November; Lost in presidential election/presidential candidates; Taewoo Ro, Yongsam Kim, Daejung Kim, Jongpil Kim. 
68 yrs. 1992; April; Major victory in general election/emergence of the major opposition party.



丁巳 big flow 70 yrs
Nine at the bottom line, he takes precautions against evils to ensure safety of his family. Regrets disappear.
Image: "He takes precautions against evils to ensure safety of his family." It means the nine at the bottom takes precautions before the family members change their wills.



73 yrs. 1997; December; Won the 15th presidential election defeating his candidates; Heechang Lee, Injae Lee.

76 yrs. 2000; June 15th; [8水地比 六四 外比之貞吉 象曰 外比於賢 以從上也]
[8 The Bi Haxagram, Six at the fourth line, he closely assists the king from outside.If he perserves in the right way, there is good fortune. Image: "He closely assists the king from outside," he obediently serves the king.]
Joint declaration between south and north Koreas, signed on June 15, 2000 paving the way for a brighter future for all Koreans and other peace-loving peoples of the world.
76 yrs. 2000; October; Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.
79 yrs. 2003; February; Completion of the presidential term.


丙辰 big flow 80 yrs


85 yrs. 2009; August 18th 13:42; Died due to heart failure caused by internal organ dysfunctions while being treated for pneumonia(Lung) in Shinchon Severance Hospital.

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